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Athena, an AML solution developed by Harbor, provides SaaS-based work environment to provide high work efficiency and reliability. Athena minimizes the work load by reducing repetitive tasks through system interlocking and automation. Athena can be easily integrated with existing systems through the API, reducing development time and cost. A flexible system interworking encourages compliance officers to work efficiently.

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PEP screening and real-time sanction list monitoring can identify high-risk customers and can manage risk.

Suspicious Transaction Report

Athena tracks and monitors abnormal transactions in real time for blockchain-based accounts such as Bitcoin and Ethereum.



Athena provides a proprietary regulatory travel protocol based on RBA(Risk Based Approach).


“ATHENA is a SaaS-based innovative regulatory compliance system. The intuitive UI has made it easy for compliance officers to perform complex regulatory processes.”

John JC Kim
CBO of Nexus Rovolution


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